Investment Strategy

We strongly believe that diversifying your financial investments across multiple asset classes is the key element to successful management of your investments. By evaluating not only current global market conditions, but also measuring historical valuations of various asset classes, we are able to formulate a view of the relative attractiveness of various assets. This perspective allows us to either overweight or underweight specific asset classes based on their fundamental attractiveness to meet the individual objectives of our clients.
At Swiss Alpine Wealth Management, we carefully measure and assess four main areas below to help us:

Develop a Macro-Economic View

What issues are influencing global markets?

  • Monetary Trends
  • Fiscal Trends
  • Interest Rates
  • Demographic Trends
  • Global investment trends

What do forward indicators tell us?

  • Global equity markets
  • Forward exchange rates
  • Inflation expectations
  • Commodities markets

Determine Asset Class Weightings

  • What areas in various markets are most attractive based on risk/return? Least attractive?
  • Do bonds present better value than equities?
  • Are international markets better value now?
  • Do we want more or less market exposure?
  • What will protect portfolios from deflation or inflation?

Identify Tactical Opportunities

  • Are there any inefficiencies in markets?
  • How long will these opportunities exist?
  • Is it appropriate for our client base?
  • What is the expected risk/return?
  • Is the risk/return better elsewhere?

Optimize Structure

  • Can we use cheaper passive/index strategies?
  • Can we duplicate results with less turnover?
  • Should we improve or sacrifice liquidity?
  • What are net returns after taxes and fees?

Matterhorn's mountain viewed from Zermatt in Switzerland

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