No. You must be an American citizen with a fully functional U.S. bank account and over 18 yrs. old. It does not matter which country you live in.
Fee-only means you only pay us with fees and we do not receive any commissions; however, the qualified custodian will charge your account for executing expenses. This allows us to avoid an incentive to move your assets around in order to charge you commission fees on executing buy and sell orders on your behalf.
No. One of Swiss Alpine Wealth Management’s goals is to provide financial advice to anyone, regardless of their income or net worth.
We believe that there is no ‘right’ age to hire a financial advisor. In our opinion, the earlier you start, the more likely you are to achieve your financial goals.
Your investment portfolio is only created once we have a very thorough understanding of your financial needs, wants and goals, risk tolerance and timeframe requirements.
On an Advisory Account, we provide insightful advice and answer questions on any financial investment transactions you have questions about, but you are responsible for making the investment decision. Clients with a Discretionary Account allow Swiss Alpine Wealth Management limited power of attorney to make investment decisions on your behalf and then execute trades on the client’s behalf (with prior communication only) so they don’t need to be involved in the day-to-day management of their accounts. Swiss Alpine Wealth Management may not withdraw or deposit cash or securities into or out of your account.
The fee will be different for each client’s needs and scope of project. Our fee schedule is included in our SEC Firm Brochure, Part 2 of Form ADV.
Yes. There are many decisions that will be made during the course of a divorce and a financial advisor can help you keep your finances in perspective. Hiring a financial advisor can help you better understand the financial ramifications of a divorce.
Either call us or send us an email at nathan@swissalpinewealthmanagement.com and let us know what questions you have. There is no cost for getting acquainted.
Client assets are deposited in a U.S. bank or U.S. custodial financial services organization.
Swiss Alpine Wealth Management has a limited power of attorney on the account, i.e. we can manage the assets but cannot wire money or securities in or out of the account.
Clients benefit from all of the usual services provided by the client’s bank or custodial financial services organization. However, there is also a client portal through Swiss Alpine Wealth Management’s website to view your accounts.
Yes. Swiss Alpine Wealth Management can assist you in either opening or managing your investment accounts with your current bank or custodial financial institution.
Yes. We can take over your current holdings and start managing your current portfolio.