Wealth Management

At Swiss Alpine W. M., we believe Wealth Management is a process covering 6 key areas.


When creating an effective wealth management plan, it is vital to always begin with asking the most appropriate questions. It is important to delve deeply into risk tolerance levels, familial and estate issues, objectives, liquidity needs and service requirements. Working closely together, we help you define your objectives, both for the lifestyle you want and also for the eventual transfer of wealth. We then confirm expectations thereby establishing a solid foundation not only for your plan, but also for our relationship.


We thoroughly research each asset within your portfolio. This process allows us to accurately assess the impact and opportunities of your current holdings and then recommend the most appropriate strategies to address any gaps or other issues from every angle. In doing this, we’re able to accurately identify important implications of each element, such as tax ramifications, liquidity considerations or other issues.


Utilizing our extensive analytical processes, we allocate assets to the appropriate entities while considering your after-tax performance potential. In identifying each after-tax contribution within your overall investment portfolio, we construct the most efficient strategy and then submit our plan for your review and approval.


While ensuring a common understanding and consistent execution on our side, we will outline your plan’s details in an Investment Policy. We will review and communicate our services with you to ensure they are accurately aligned with your requirements before implementing your strategy.


Having a well-thought-out and sound plan is just the beginning. The way that ever-changing market conditions respond to your dynamic needs is where your plan’s true value can be realized. Based on your needs and predetermined risk tolerance levels, Swiss Alpine Wealth Management may actively manage your portfolio, making investment decisions both across and within asset classes. We may re-balance your portfolio positions over time to ensure your strategy’s alignment to differing market cycles. We do this while identifying opportunities to harvest gains and losses to minimize your total after-tax requirements. We will regularly revisit your goals and personal circumstances with you over time. By remaining engaged with you, we can proactively address your evolving needs and recommend new ideas to add value.

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Swiss Alps mountains in winter


Lakeside view of the southern face of the Matterhorn